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Dr Jennifer Mills

External Evaluator

[email protected]

BVSc, MSc, Dip ClinPath, DipEd (Tertiary & Adult), PhD. Dr Jennifer Mills is a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pathology at Murdoch University, Western Australia. read more...
She led the 2007-2009 ALTC project “Curriculum Development and Assessment Methods to Enhance Communication and Life Skills in Veterinary Students”, which advanced veterinary communication within Australian schools and seeded a community of veterinary ‘soft skill’ educators. This VetSet2Go project will reinvigorate said community and provide an assessment focus to complement the 2007-2009 ALTC project. As convenor of the first Australian Veterinary Education Symposium (AVES) in 2009, and a recognised international expert on veterinary communication, Jenny is well placed to conduct external evaluation of this project, as specified by OLT guidelines.